I understand how important it is to hear about others' experience of therapy with a particular therapist.

No identifiable information is included for confidentiality purposes allowing my clients to remain anonymous

"My therapist  Hannah Hibbard, I cannot speak highly enough about. I felt she was warm and friendly, approachable  and at the same time professional in her approach. I felt she helped me more in this 6 months to move forward  and view things so differently, than me trying to win my own personal battle against OCD in 40 years!!!!. I truly  believe  that she has given  me the tools to beat this often debilitating  disorder. Hannah has an amazing skill and I feel privileged to have been able to have her as my therapist  during this time. I cannot say enough praise  for her patience  and clear guidance  with CBT. "
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with Depression
"I hope you do not mind me emailing you but I wanted to let you know that today I left the house to go and see my GP (which meant a 15 minute car journey!!!). Then I was waiting for about 40 minutes before I was called in, so I did start to feel very anxious but then kept in mind one of your techniques and it helped massively. I thought I would let you know as this was a massive step for me. And I also wanted to say thank you so so much because your help and support thus far has been very much appreciated."
Agoraphobia with Panic
"I found this experience really helpful in understanding my phobia and addressing it. It also helped me to understand that how I felt and what I was doing was valid and I wasn’t alone in these feelings. I think it has really helped me become able to talk about it much more and come to terms with discussing it rather than keeping it all to myself which I have found really useful. I always felt like I was being listened to and that Hannah understood how I felt and the feedback was really useful. I have always felt comfortable during the sessions and like I was able to express any and all concerns or feelings I had from the week, Hannah was also really helpful and always told me to ask if I had any questions during the week regarding homework or any other issues, I think this communication was really useful and I never felt like I just was left to do things on my own. The homework’s have always been clearly explained and all the information like the phobia hierarchy etc is laid out in a way that makes it really accessible for you to look at and understand where you are at with your progress and what the next steps are for you. I feel like I have done things and achieved things I never would have thought I could do before this experience, and I was always reminded what I have achieved and how far I’ve come which I found really encouraging to see the progress I had made. Overall I think this has been a really helpful and positive experience for me, and I’m really glad I decided to do it."
Emetaphobia and OCD
"Since being supported by Hannah my mental health has improved dramatically. Hannah has empowered me to make positive changes. I now have more confidence to arrange social activities and I set aside time for myself each day. I have accepted that it's alright to have a bad day but that does not mean its going to be a bad week. Although my sessions have now ended I have got a routine that is working for me and I will continue to use the strategies that Hannah has introduced me to."
"My parents and I cannot fault this service as everyone has seen a huge change in me since getting the help. I got to a point where I was waking up in the morning, in fear and constantly drowned in anxiety but since having the help with my Hannah, I wake up ready to start the day with a genuine smile on my face. I felt like I was understood as especially with health anxiety, it can feel very lonely and I understood that people around me didn't understand it yet supported me but I still somehow felt alone but since talking to someone about it and have been given the resources and techniques to rationalise my thoughts, I generally wake up with a smile on my face and can say that I am truly taking back control. I want to say a huge thank you to Hannah who made me realise a lot of things and who enabled me to see that I can take control of my anxiety. She spoke to me as if I were on her level and did not make me feel any less of a person. It was thanks to her that I can sit here and say that I am bigger than my anxiety and nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams! "
Health Anxiety
"Hannah has helped me in so many different ways. From the first go I felt like the sessions were more intensive and I could be more honest and open about how I was feeling. Therapy was a lot more interactive than I was expecting. I felt like each session flowed into each one nicely and there was never a point where I thought I couldn’t remember what we did last session or how we got to this stage. Hannah has made such an impact on my life and I genuinely believed at the very start of therapy that I was a lost cause and I couldn’t be helped. Her non-judgmental and calm approach made me feel like it was okay to open up to her and talk about what was on my mind. Hannah is very enthusiastic and positive and it genuinely felt like she was a friend who wanted to see me do good rather than a therapist. I feel like I am better equipped to challenge my anxiety and this is the first time in a long time I can say I’m actually excited for the future as I believe I can welcome my anxiety. I found learning about the psychology around anxiety/CBT/therapy/PTSD interesting and it was nice to be able to be taught about it on a deeper level as it meant that I felt like I could understand it more from a logical point of view. I would definitely recommend others to do therapy and don’t think I can thank Hannah enough."
PTSD and Generalised Anxiety Disorder