At present I am not able to write prescriptions however with my training in pharmacological approaches (taking medication) for mental health I can advise on this area.

Some individuals may struggle with this structured approach. CBT is less suited to those with highly complex mental health needs or learning difficulties. This is evaluated during the initial screening.

Payment is carried out through online banking prior to each session. You will be provided with an invoice with the required account details. Cheques are not accepted.

There is no required commitment to any other than your next booked session. 

Missed sessions still require payment. It is advised that any more than two missed sessions will begin to impact the effectiveness of the therapy. 

At present with the current pandemic, sessions are only being offered virtually until further notice. In the future there may be scope to see clients in the local area.

All information is kept safe and secure in accordance General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information please see the ‘Legal’ page located at the base of each page.

Many mental health problems can be treated with CBT requiring between 12-16 sessions although this is a rough guidance and really depends on individual presentation.

At present, as in my public health role I am willing to work with individuals aged 16 and over.

I provide individual CBT therapy although there are points in individual therapy where by a family member or friend may be invited to join the session with the clients consent.

For sessions on supporting a loved one, I am happy to speak with a support bubble for an individual.