Positivity is the practice of being or a tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. Wellbeing is a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.

Whatever problems you are experiencing, talking to a trained therapist such as myself can be a valuable step to identifying what support is both available and appropriate for you.


I started Positivity and Wellbeing simply because I am passionate about helping others. I also believe animals can assist the therapy process so my own dog Evie often plays a part, in particular with young clients helping them feel at ease. Combined with my training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other wellbeing management techniques, there are many ways that I am able to help people overcome their difficulties. I still work in the public health sector but have embarked on this new mission to permit another means for people to access evidence-based support in an efficient and timely manner. 

Recent testimonial

“Having lived with my phobia for 25 years, I was worried that I may be beyond help! I was incredibly nervous initially about what the treatment would involve, but also about opening up and talking to a therapist.  Looking back, I am just so relieved that I took that first step of reaching out for help.  The difference in my day to day life since I started treatment is huge. At the start of this year, I was exhausted from the constant anxiety and obsessive thoughts and behaviours that came with my phobia.  Now, I feel like the most enormous weight has been lifted.  Hannah made me feel immediately at ease and set me tasks that were challenging yet manageable. She provided exactly the right amount of support to help me progress, whilst building my self confidence and enabling me ultimately, to manage this fear for myself. I would definitely recommend this service to others and would like to thank Hannah for her support, patience and unwavering confidence!” – Specific Animal Phobia